Evaluation of the Juxtaposed Control Post Project established at the border between Burkina Faso and Togo (Cinkanse) – Dec. 2014 Drafting of specifications for a plan of modernization of customs and fiscal administrations in UEMOA Member States. Study completed in April 2013 Redaction of the Terms of Reference and specifications for the upgrade of Information…

Study and implementation of a platform for the creation and sharing of a single tax identification number (NINEA) amongst tax and administrative bodies – national statistics authority (ANSD), Customs (DGD), Tax Authority (DGID), general finance department (DGF) treasury (DGCPT) – 2014

It’s about implementing a platform facilitating exchanges in real time of data and information among the bodies concerned for the single identification of companies and associations with the view to ensuring the traceability of operations and streamlining the tax base.