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ModelSis a reference structure specialized in modeling

dimanche 26 juillet 2015, par bp

The Senegalese Press Agency provides an opportunity for Entrepreneurs to express themselves about the activities of their structure and that, after the banking structures, insurance, colleges, our choice turned to a sector little known to the public : the modeling of information systems, the Council and the development strategies, risk management, data collection and statistical analysis.

It is in this area that a Cabinet that has set up shop in Dakar, this one named MODELISIS, opened its doors to us to talk about this business. The Cabinet is headed by Ms Oumou Ndiaye, training statistician engineer, holder of Specialized Higher Studies Diploma (DESS) in Mathematics and Computer Modeling Methods, a Master of Engineering Mathematics University Paul Sabatier in Toulouse, she also attended a training course on "learning Statistics, Neural Networks.
Machines Vectors Media "ESPCI (Higher School of Industrial Physics and Chemistry) in Paris. One that created this Cabinet Council in 2008 has great expertise in this field : Computerized System Director Africa Risk (CRMS) for Cotecna group.

It has promoted the CRMS solution in Africa, realized the modeling of the information system (COTECNA / Customs) designed mathematical models, and conducted numerous technical support missions for the development of specifications and solution deployment on different contracts. Ndiaye was Chef de Mission for the study on the establishment of a regional database on air transport in West Africa on behalf of ECOWAS, study entrusted to Cabinet Performance Management Consulting. She worked for the Senegalese Customs for more than a decade to become Project Manager in the Project of Modernization of the Directorate General of Customs financed up to two billion CFA francs by ICF (Investment Climate Facility for Africa ). In 2008, she was Director of Statistics and Documentation of the Public Procurement Regulatory Authority (ARPM). The wealth of experience acquired, given its involvement in several research projects, including the computerization of the General Accounting Project of the State, the Public Treasury Department initiated at the time by the Foundation Trade Point Senegal ( Commercial Pole) and often much encouragement from policymakers who on many occasions had to appreciate his work, hope to succeed were permitted, she decided to open a consulting firm. And that just five years ModelSis the Cabinet itself as a reference Council Cabinet. Surrounded by his closest collaborators including Colonel Youssoupha Cisse former Director of Intelligence of the Regulations of the Senegalese customs in retirement, Cherif Mbacke holds a Master1 financial institutions management and Mrs. Thiam Aissata degree in transportation and logistics, she has wanted and availability, confide in us. Interview…
APS - What are the activities of ModelSis ?
Ms Oumou Ndiaye - We have on project management activities, modeling of information systems, risk management, data collection and statistical analysis and application development. We mainly work with many Customs administrations and tax administrations and some other structures established under the West and Central African region. We assist administrations in their modernization project and for the development of targeting and Risk Management tools.
APS - What were your beginnings ?
Ms Oumou Ndiaye - When installing my Cabinet, I have carried out missions in Gabon and Congo, I won my first "big market" in 2009 with UEMOA This was a study on the establishment of a platform for exchange of information between customs and tax administrations of the Member States of this organization. Given the importance of this study, several Cabinets had offered their services ; mainly those from Luxembourg, Canada etc. and this is Modelsis which has been selected. Another satisfaction, restitution workshop held in my native country Senegal, and later we got a rider completing the study, it involved the drafting of terms of reference for the upgrade of systems Information of tax and customs administrations of the Member States. This work was well done and appreciated by all member countries.
APS - What was the job ?
Ms Oumou Ndiaye - This was a study on the development in each member state of a platform for exchange of information between customs and tax administrations to gather information in real time and improve the fight against fraud ; and the amendment concerned the development in December 2011, again on behalf of WAEMU of TDRs for the upgrade of IT tax and customs administrations of the Member States. ModelSis also realized, again on behalf of the WAEMU, a study to develop a plan to modernize the tax and customs administrations of the Member States. Subsequently ModelSis realized the development, configuration and installation of SIGER (French version of the risk management system TARGET) on behalf of the African Company Partner Company structure based in Cote d’Ivoire. I said that this system can target trucks and transporters of palm oil. Other tools are being developed at the Cabinet level.
APS - Your secret of success ?
Ms Oumou Ndiaye - Rigor, Commitment and ongoing commitment to deliver quality products.
APS - Do training is within the scope of your activities.
Ms Oumou Ndiaye - Of course, the Cabinet ModelSis is urged in this area especially abroad. I can give trainings and seminars held in Burkina Faso, Tanzania, Gabon, Congo, etc. on Risk Management and Customs mathematical techniques / statistical modeling and calculating the score fraud risk for the benefit of executives of customs, and the integration of scanography devices in the clearance procedures.
APS - This means that the Cabinet ModelSis is known outside of Senegal ?
Ms Oumou Ndiaye - Given the stresses we can tell. To mention, we conducted missions :
- The Philippines as part of a "Proof of Concept" of the Risk Management Solution COTECNA,
- In Gabon for an audit of the Risk Management System Analysis and technical service providers solutions Scanner,
- And Congo Brazzaville in 2008 when the Cabinet ModelSis was chosen to drive the reforms, implement the action plan for the modernization of customs structures.
- In February 2009 and again in 2011, we were approached by Congo for the drafting of specifications and modeling of the architecture of the platform for risk management by integrating the Scanner in customs clearance.
APS - You often talk of managing risks is what ?
Ms Oumou Ndiaye - Risk management is a decision-making process, a systematic approach to setting the best course of action under uncertainty by identifying and assessing associated risks. In other words, this is the set of identification techniques used for :
> Reduce uncertainty,
> Modify or control the behavior and activities,
> Minimize the likelihood of a risk occurring.
In a customs environment, this technique allows to analyze the negative impact of fraudulent transactions on income and / or the likely consequences of non-compliance of operations deal with the laws and regulations of the country.
Statistical analyzes of database operations are performed to estimate the levels of risks associated with the activity. Risk management techniques are also used in insurance, finance in banks, for example the award of credit criteria, in the field of health there is always the risk management aspects which forms part of the operational procedures.
APS - Your prospects ?
Ms Oumou Ndiaye - Continue in this momentum and bring our expertise to the development projects in Senegal and Africa. As we have partners who Scanning Systems Dealer site Cinkansé (Border between Togo and Burkina Faso) and we plan to continue in this same dynamic by offering innovative solutions that optimize the work of administrations. We try to give form and content to ModelSis slogan is : commitment, rigor and quality three key words that will enable us to print our key in our business.
APS - A message to finish
Ms Oumou Ndiaye - Making again and again thanks to Allah (swt), that He may give us health, strength and knowledge to achieve the goals we have set. Thank my family for their support of my collaborators and partners for their trust and support. And finally thank you for giving us the opportunity to express ourselves on our operations and our business.