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Management of customs risks : Need for adequate resources for efficient operations - Burkina

dimanche 26 juillet 2015, par bp

The seminar on ’risk analysis and management of the selectivity of customs operations, "began Wednesday, July 7, 2010 in Ouagadougou, ended two days later in a note of satisfaction.

Three days were enough to executives of the customs administration of Burkina Faso to be trained "risk analysis and management of the selectivity of customs operations." After the training, the participants made a major recommendation.

They want the making available "material and human resources to the issue of risk is a reality in customs administration". One of the seminarians, Marie Antoinette Somda / Hien, also director of customs investigations, believes that we need a reliable database so that the analysis and selectivity are effective. Ms. Somda admit that the training helped to have the basics necessary to the exercise of the function. "There is never risk-free action, but we can say that we are now haves baggage necessary to carry out our mission," she said.

Another seminarian, Evariste Somda, said the training was an undeniable contribution. According to him, it is important nowadays to use working means much more suited to control customs fraud. "These are the instruments that we have learned during three days with the trainer," supports trained agent.
The training was provided by Oumou N’Diaye, of Senegal came. To hear the director general of customs, Ousmane Guiro, the trainer was the height of the mission entrusted to him. "Mrs. Oumou N’Diaye assured with perfect control, the presentation of the theme, as well as by the theory taught by the example of Senegal, developed through the computerized risk analysis system (CRMS)," said said Mr. Guiro, in his closing speech.
The Director General of Customs said that the seminar was to enhance participants’ knowledge and to offer a framework for exchange for further study. He is pleased that attractive program was provided during training. "Thus, the general historical context and econometric risk assessment techniques, through the strategy and approach of risk management I can say without risk of being wrong, that training was complete."
A Holder Partnership
For its part, the trainer presented the structure she heads. According Oumou N’Diaye, the Modelsis firm is a consulting firm for the modeling of information systems, defining strategies, optimization of procedures and risk management.
He added that in addition to consulting and coaching administrations in modernizing their information systems, the multidisciplinary team has extensive expertise in the field of capacity building. Not to mention that of the definition of risk profiles and targeting for managing business operations. The seminar was organized jointly by the Directorate General of Customs (DGC) and the inspection company applied Technical Council (Cotecna). Mrs. N’Diaye testified the
recognition Modelsis firm in choosing COTECNA focused on his person for training.